Stop missing out on the opportunity to connect with and live through your divine identity and purpose.

Sacrificing Yourself

Are you going out of your way to please others while sacrificing yourself?

Unrealistic Expectations

Have you succumbed to the temptation of living up to standards set by others?

Would you ever be as hard on others as you are on yourself?

Leave behind the stress in all areas of life.

Define your roles and how to operate effectively in them all.

From Pleasing

To serving and creating your relationships

From Reactionary

To creating possibility

From Perfectionism

To being forgiving of yourself

From Anxiety

To being free and loving

From Pressure

To discovering a deeper level of transformation

From Judging

To being at peace inside, no matter what happens

Mike Kotsis

Mike loves creatively serving in one-on-one coaching agreements with those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to cultivate the relationships that matter most.

He has and continues to serve as an Expert EOS Implementer™ since 2012 and coached 75+ EOS Implementer peers on their journey to transform their lives and their businesses. In that time, he has delivered over 800 Full Day Sessions with Entrepreneurial leadership teams and helped more than 75 privately held entrepreneurial companies transform their lives and their businesses.

Mike and his wife, Jill, have helped over 100 couples have a more connected, more exciting, and unconditional loving family life. Learn more about how they applied EOS Principles  in their own family life for 9 years.

After successfully leading a third-generation family business through the worst of Michigan’s 2007 economic downturn to over 60% growth, he especially loves helping family businesses. Mike teaches, facilitates, and coaches to help you see the greatness within yourself and be in flow with the present moment.

Mike's style is calm and accountable.

His heart-centered approach will impact your life, business, & family.

Our Three YOUniques

  1. YOU are the agenda
  2. Unlock YOU so that you are free to BE
  3. Empower YOU to strengthen the relationships that matter most

Custom packages ranging from $12,000 to $100,000 for one-on-one and group coaching.

Walk in your greatness and power to experience transformation for yourself, your family, and your team.


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(315) 5512-2579

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